Start off on the right foot. We do Design, Development, Marketing.

Web Design

Sketching and wireframing

Our web design process starts with alot of questions. We want to know you, your business and your goals then we can begin sketching your ideas creating basic wireframes.

We iterrate trough the process again and again until the design concept is perfect

After we finish with the design concept we move onto the next stage: Designing in the browser

Web design in the browser

You are happy with the design concept and direction then it's time to move on and create the design directly in the browser.

We choose to design directly in the browser because we can quickly and efficiently make changes while at the same time you can follow the design process in near realtime viewing exactly as intended, in a web browser.

Note: image assets are built using photoshop.

Product Development

Web Application Development

We use the latest technologies available like HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to build the best frontend web apps

All the web apps developed by us are built using Laravel, Symfony or our own PHP Framework using Test Driven Development so your web application is fully tested.

Marketing and SEO

We analyze the market your are trying to get your product listed and do keyword research related to your specific niche while we optimize your website on-site and off-site and generate weekley SEO reports.

We develop and maintain lead generation landing pages that can help you get the customers you need and organize your ppc campaigns.

Console Application Development

Automation console tools

We build console tools and scripts to automate all your server needs and to achieve this goal we use Symfony console component to develop interactive terminal applications.

  • Why would you need a console application?

There is a multitude of answers to this question. One example is you may want to export your database and back up the file to a different server or you may want to automate installation of web applications or you may simply want to use cronjobs at a given time and with the help of your console application you can generate graphs and statistics from your database.

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